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webdesign, flash integration, jQuery, css, html, cms and user frontend administration

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are your website future-proof? Are your website ready for the mobile web?

The Rise of Mobile Internet

Never have so many people owned a mobile device, and the sales are still increasing. Some predicts that within 3 years more people will be accessing the Internet from a mobile device than from a PC. 22% of the mobile users only access the internet with their phones. Can they access your website?

A mobile internet marketing strategy is nessecary to ensure you maintain your consumer base.

It's been a pleasure having The Best Designs create our WARP tool- superb job!

We are looking forward to having them develop our online binding and policy issuance tools.

Joseph K. Valuntas, Chief Operating Officer , Federal Motor Carriers RRG, Inc.

CBIP Management

Federal Motor Carriers RRG

Richmont General Insurance Services

Palace Design

Skanderborg Ungdomsskole

Kultur & Fritid, Skanderborg Kommune

Design & Teknik


Marienlund Klinikken


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We do what we love to do!
It sounds very simple, and it actually is.. This is exactly what makes us capable of delivering the best solutions to local and global companies that want to strengthen their presence in their respective markets using the Internet. We know all our clients are diffent entities and we always deliver a unique solution. Your requirements become ours and we always deliver a bit more than you pay for.

We are really nice people that have a very high standard on quality and customer satisfaction, which ensures a sound and professional web-solution for our customers. We design user-friendly and functional websites that give our customers the edge they need in today's competitive markets.



If you are interested in working with us or just want to say hello, you are welcome to contact us. Give us a call, or send us an email below, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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